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Reasons to choose us

Compare our qualifications

One of our Senior Migration Consultants Eugene Goodluck Perazim is dual-licensed as a registered migration agent in Australia and a licensed immigration adviser in New Zealand and he:

Attended Immigration College of the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP);

Completed Post-Graduate qualification in Australian Immigration Law and Practice at Victoria University;

Completed Post-Graduate qualification in New Zealand Immigration Law and Practice level 7

Compare our backgrounds and experiences

One of our Senior Migration Consultants previously worked as a registered migration agent and he left the migration agency profession later in order to accept an offer from the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to work as an immigration officer. In other words from working as an Australian registered migration agent to becoming an Australian government immigration officer for many years and returning to work as an Australian registered migration agent again and a New Zealand licensed immigration adviser. He is now utilizing his vast knowledge of the immigration processes to assist clients with their immigration matters. During his tenure of office within the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), he worked in several sections of the Immigration Department including Citizenship Section, Contact Centre, Compliance and Status Resolution Section, Temporary Visa Section and Permanent Residency Visa Sections.

Compare Our Fees

Considering our strong immigration backgrounds, level of experience, skills and knowledge, our fees are substantially low and competitive. We charge flat fees with no surprise bills to come later.

Compare Our Motivation

At TurningPoint our key motivation on professional grounds is to:
Bring integrity to all our business dealings with clients;
Act in the best interests of our clients;
Provide the benefits of our knowledge and skills to our clients including understanding the limits of our knowledge and skills;
Display professionalism, exercise due care, efficiency, diligence including treating our clients with respect;
Not act in a manner that will bring the migration profession into disrepute;
Lodge a well documented and decision-ready application which will not only improve the processing times for all clients but could also improve the chance of a joyful immigration outcome for our clients;
Use our best knowledge, skills and extensive experience to assist our clients’ visa applications in order to achieve good outcomes;
Effectively assist genuine clients settle in Australia or in New Zealand and this provides us with the motivation to advocate strongly for and on behalf of our clients and to strive for our clients’ success in any immigration matters that we take on;
Be flexible to work until late in order to attend to clients with more urgent immigration matters. We thrive in this environment and our sound work ethic ensures that we are always striving to achieve the best outcome for our clients and work area. We have always been praised by our clients for our strong commitment to our work and our work outcomes.
Other factor that motivates us within the immigration industry includes the sense of professional fulfillment for a job professionally well done, along with the true sense of achievement and purpose derived from receiving appreciation from clients in recognition of the service or assistance we have provided.

Compare Who We Are

We are competent because we know what we are doing.
We are diligent because we work on our cases as carefully and quickly as we can in order to meet the time-frames that our clients require including meeting the statutory deadlines.
We are prudent because we understand the importance of our clients’ cases to them and act in a timely manner.
We are efficient because we understand that an immigration consultant’s failure to meet their clients’ time-frames and the deadlines imposed by the relevant authorities could have a detrimental effect on the clients’ immigration matters and so, we take all reasonable steps to deal with our clients’ immigration matters in an efficient manner after we have received the required relevant information from our clients including securing our clients’ written lawful instructions to act on their behalf in their immigration matters.

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